Dad's loss to young son in arm wrestling leads to an 8-hour armed standoff with Police

funny shit 10/07/2020

First off, no one was injured, well only the dads pride after loosing multiple arm wrestling matches with his young son!

The incident occurred on July 6 shortly before 1 a.m. in the morning when Boone County Sheriff's Office deputies were called to a house in Ohio, to a report of a person in a home with a weapon.

Apparently our guy Mr Zimmerman lost multiple times, he then became agitated which led to a physical altercation with his son.

Zimmerman then reportedly grabbed a gun and fired two shots in the house as his son was going upstairs, after which the cops were called 👀

Ol mate Zimmerman then subsequently refused to listen to orders from the police to come out of the house which resulted in an 8-hour standoff with authorities. After lenghty negotiations he then surrendered rather peacefully and was then taken into custody by members of the Boone County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team and the Florence Police Department SWAT Team.