Hungry Knife-Wielding Lunatic Threatened To 'Cut' Takeaway Staff for Free Chips

funny shit 28/07/2020

We've all been hungry, but this dickhead takes the cake! 

A man in Wales threatened to 'cut' staff at a takeaway if they didn't give him a free bag of chips - worth £1.60 ($3NZD).

Matthew Hawkins, from Swansea, was drunk as he banged the nine-inch blade on the counter of Yummies Pizza and Kebab shop and made 'stabbing motions' in the air while shouting at staff.

Mr hawkins was told he could buy chips, but he replied: "I want free chips. Hurry up or I'm going to cut you."

The stand-off apparently continued for 15 minutes before Hawkins eventually left the shop and said: "I'm going to f***ing rob next door - then I'm coming back for my chips."

Hawkins then went to a neighbouring shop, which he also attempted to rob at knifepoint. He was followed by a member of staff from Yummies, who shut him inside Best One.

When police arrived they found him banging on the front door shouting: "Give me my f***ing chips."

At Swansea Crown Court, Hawkins admitted two robbery bids and possessing a blade and was sentenced to three years in a young offenders institution.