Man arrested after biting seagull that tried to steal his McDonald's

funny shit 13/07/2020

Bit excessive mate.

A man has been arrested after sinking his teeth into a seagull after it tried to make off with some of the McDonald's he'd just started eating.

The incident took place last week in the English city of Plymouth, right in front of police officers who arrested the man. He reportedly then told police he was under the influence of drugs.

He was taken to hospital for treatment, but the seagull had flown away before anyone could check on it.

"He sunk his teeth into it before throwing it to the floor," a police spokesperson told local news outlet Plymouth Live

"Officers had seen the incident and immediately went over and detained and took details from him.

"Around this time, the man volunteered the information that he was under the influence of drugs and it was decided that he should be taken to Derriford Hospital for treatment.

"The seagull was clearly injured by the incident but flew off before we were able to check on its welfare. We don't know what happened to it afterwards."

Here's hoping the seagull came out alright.