Mia Khalifa Is Auctioning Off her "Glasses" To Raise Funds For Beirut

funny shit 15/08/2020

Mia Khalifa was only in the porn industry for three months (who's counting?) but her impact has lasted years. Now she is using her fame to help raise funds for those suffering in her birthplace of Beruit.

Khalifa is auctioning off her "infamous" glasses on eBay to benefit the Lebanese Red Cross. As of writing, the top bid out of 189 is set at $NZD151,000 with four more days left to go. Infamous because, well you know.

Mia was the most-viewed and highest-ranked performer on Pornhub by the end of 2014, two months after she launched her career. In recent months, she’s been petitioning for her videos to be scrubbed from sites like Porbhub and BangBros, which drew a petition with over 1.5million signatures.

Apparently John Lennon‘s green sunnies went for over $330k late last year, so folks have got some serious bidding to do if they wanna try and break that number.

She’s also decided to chuck in a bunch of extras on top of the famed Mia Khalifa glasses now that the bidding has broken the $100k NZD mark, including a signed polaroid, her old razor, an old loofah she’s been meaning to replace, and quite possibly even her retainer.

You go Mia