12-year-old Dunedin kid steals bus and wipes out cars in 20km joyride

funny shit 21/08/2020

Geez, what a yarn this is.

From a story from Newshub, a 12-year-old boy stole a bus and went for a 20km blat through Dunedin, damaging a number of cars along the way.

The kid got on the bus at Ocean View at around 8pm last night, drove it through Brighton and then even went on the Southern Motorway. Bloody hell.

The bus was later found "parked" in the suburb of Pine Hill, with the bus sign reading "Sorry. Not In Service".

On his Fast and Furious night out, the kid smashed into four cars, including an expensive Volvo.

The youngin fled the scene but was found by the cops shortly after, and has been referred to Youth Aid.