Husband discovers wife is having an affair by spotting her in the act on Google Maps

funny shit 17/08/2020

Ever since Google Maps came out in 2005, it has without a doubt connected the world.

Allowing you to search in street view, Google Maps is perfect for getting clear directions to wherever you wanna go, by letting you "walk" down any street in the world.

It pretty much makes life easier and a little bit better for all of us.

All of us, except one Peruvian fella, who was using the app back in 2013 to find out the best way to get to a popular bridge in Peru. Unfortunately, he discovered a lot more than just the directions he was looking for.

As the man was scanning through street view to find different routes, he was shocked to find an image of his wife sitting on a park bench, with a man's head resting on her lap.

Although his wife's face was blurred out for privacy, the man straight away identified her clothes and knew it was her.

The man confronted his wife soon after, which led to her admitting that she had been unfaithful.

And just like that, the divorce papers were signed.

Loves a happy ending.