Victoria Bitter launch limited edition aftershave

funny shit 14/08/2020

Classic Aussie beer brand Victoria Bitter, for whatever reason, have announced they are releasing a limited edition fragrance that is actually made using VB hops.

The fragrance - titled Thirst - comes in the shape of a stubby bottle and was announced with an incredible advertisement which you can watch up top.

Although VB's marketing director Hayden Turner confirmed the fragrance 'doesn't smell like beer, and doesn't smell like a brewery', he told 7News that Thirst will help hard-working Aussies get from the worksite to knock-off drinks, even if that’s the bar at home for now.

The fragrance will reportedly have a limited run until Father's Day and be available for A$24.99 if you're keen to somehow get your hands on some.

Watch 9News' story on Thirst below.