This bloke had to have surgery after shoving a beer glass up his bum

funny shit 08/09/2020

Yep, you read that headline right.

A man in China was rushed to hospital after getting a beer glass stuck up his arse.

The 53 year old man, named Mr Huang, pushed the 6cm tall, 5.6cm wide glass into his bum upside down, if you must know the details.

Professor Li Wusheng and his team of medical professionals were forced to operate after an X-ray revealed the glass was firmly in the bloke's rectum.

The surgery went to plan and the beer glass was safely removed without any complications.

So why did the man do it? We have no f**ken clue. Doctors didn't dislose that information, and we're not sure we even wanna know.

In other weird medical news, a woman in Russia was recently rushed to hospital after a 1.2 meter long snake slithered inside to her mouth.

Gotta love 2020 headlines.