WATCH: Domino's delivery driver caught rubbing ice cream container on crotch before handing over food

funny shit 06/10/2020

A UK branch of Domino's is investigating a delivery driver who was caught rubbing a customer's food on his crotch before handing over the delivery.

31 year old Jonathan Terry recently ordered some pizza and ice cream from a Buckinghamshire Dominos during a night with friends.

He was enjoying his pizza and Ben and Jerry's ice-cream until he recieved a call from his girlfriend telling him to stop eating the food he'd just recieved. 

Terry told SWNS, "She said ‘I hope you haven’t eaten the ice cream that Domino's have sent you.’ She then told me to go and look at the Ring doorbell [footage]."

After checking out the footage from his house security camera (which you can watch up top), Terry was shocked to find the delivery man rubbing the ice-cream on his crotch before handing it over.

It felt quite disrespectful and very vile. My housemate said he felt violated, he was not happy.

Domino's offered Terry complimentary coupons but he refused, saying he never wants to buy from the chain again.

Domino's spokesperson Rachel Townsend told Fox News that the delivery worker is under investigation, and that the restuarant has "apologized sincerely and are working to resolve this issue with the customers so we can put this right."

To be honest, it looked like the delivery driver just had a bit of an itch down there, but probably not the best idea using the customers food to scratch it... especially with cameras around 😂