Pope Francis caught liking model's raunchy photo on Instagram

funny shit 16/11/2020

Pope Francis' official Instagram account has been caught liking a not-so-holy photo.

The photo, posted by 27-year-old Instagram model Natalia Garibotto, shows her wearing a skimpy school-girl outfit while leaning on some lockers. 

Before the photo could be unliked (which it has been now), Barstool Sports shared a screen-recording of the post, revealing the cheeky like from The Pope. The caption of the video was simple yet elegantly put: "Pope Francis is horny as hell."

Garibotto herself responded to the like, telling Barstool Sports: "My mum may hate my ass pics but the Pope be double-tapping."

Thousands of social media users have responded to the situation, with one saying "even Pope Francis is an ass man!" 

"God created dat ass. Just appreciating the Lord's work, as he should," another person commented.

And our favourite comment goes to: "Jesus's blood might've been wine but blood ain't thicker than all that ass."

Toooooo good.