Taiwan teen woken from 62-day coma by the words....... 'chicken fillet'

funny shit 20/11/2020

What are they putting in the chicken fillets over there? A young dude in Taiwan who had been badly injured from a traffic accident and had been in a coma for 62 days suddenly became conscious when he heard his brother mention his favorite dish — "chicken fillet"

In July of this year, an 18-year-old male surnamed Chiu was involved in a traffic accident. During the collision, he suffered serious damage to multiple organs in his body.

When he was rushed to the hospital, he was rated with a coma index of three. (More On Coma Indexes) director of the Intensive Care Unit at Ton Yen General Hospital said that Chiu had suffered subdural hydrops, pneumothorax, laceration of spleen, right kidney, and liver, bleeding from abdominal cavity fractures, Doctors performed emergency surgery and were able to stabilize his condition, but he fell into a deeper coma.

A nurse at the hospital recalled that Chiu went through a constant "tug of war with the god of death" with his family by his side, praying that he would wake up soon. She said that when he was on his 62nd day in a coma, his older brother suddenly joked "Brother, I'm going to eat you your favorite chicken fillet."

Unexpectedly, Chiu's pulse began to accelerate and he miraculously began to regain consciousness and his vital signs began to stabilize. Having fully recovered and been discharged from the hospital for some time, Chiu recently returned with a cake to thank the medical staff

What a F*&cking Legend