Taiwanese Madman Sells PS5 After Wife Finds Out It Wasn’t An Air Purifier

funny shit 01/12/2020

This gives us ideas!

As the year comes to an end, the hype for the release of the new PS5 was at an all time high. Unfortunately for many, scalpers and hoarders quickly bought stocks to sell at a higher price.

Meanwhile, for some who already had their hands on the new console, another storm was brewing – the missus! A man from Taiwan tried to trick his wife into thinking that the PS5 was an air purifier for their home.

Taiwanese Man Sells PS5 After Wife Finds Out It Wasn't An Air Purifier

This little ruse worked at first. However, there was an incident where a rat died inside their home. Sadly, the PS5 can only do so much with its latest gen hardware in terms of gaming. With its non-air purifying features, the console did nothing to mask the absolute shit smell of the rat.

At this moment, the wife finally found out that the air purifier was actually a gaming console. According to an article from AsiaOne, the man who bought the console had an earful from his wife.

Afterward, he had to sell his PS5 at a cheap price. As such, potential buyers of his PS5 naturally asked the reason for this which then prompted a hilariously awkward explanation.