Victoria Bitter are set to release shoes that are perfect for shoeys

funny shit 25/11/2020

Victoria Bitter - one of Australia's best loved brews - have branched out beyond beer once again.

After dropping a men's aftershave called 'Thirst' earlier in the year, they've now turned an April Fool's joke into reality by teaming up with Volley to launch a branded shoe.

Victoria Bitter unveiled the branded sneaker on April 1, turning the internet upside down before revealing it was a massive joke, but due to the reaction they obviously realised they might be missing out on some coin.

So, they've now answered the prayers of many and delivered the ultimate footwear/drinking vessel combo perfect for comfort and more importantly, shoeys.

Hayden Turner, VB's Marketing Director, reportedly said in a statement:

When we saw the popularity of the [April Fool's post], we felt this was a good opportunity to offer something different to our drinkers. We hope they love it as much as we do.

The shoes are apparently set to hit online stores December 2 and will go for A$84.99 if you're keen! You can purchase some VB x Volleys socks and a limited edition cooler box with the shoes too. 

We've all got that mate that relentlessly starts the classic shoey chant. This might just be the perfect Christmas present for them.