The 'World's Worst Airbnb' Still Managed to Get Bookings

funny shit 22/12/2020

Three YouTube pranksters by the names of Rhys Simmons, Jamie Kamaz, and Hitchin have surprisingly created the 'world's worst Airbnb' and it still managed to get heaps of interest for bookings.

The three run a YouTube channel called the 'Passion Squad' and do all sorts of practical jokes, gags and stunts. As a gag, the three have managed to put together the worst looking Airbnb possible with just a mattress, a bedside table, two glasses of water and a lamp that is not plugged into anything and was mainly part of the listing to add to the 'aesthetic'.

The mattress was literally proped on a field outside London and was inspired by the Null Stern Hotel in Switzerland which is quite known for its outdoor aesthetic. The setup underneath a tree to 'protect' people from the unpredictable English weather.

This was perfect for us to recreate without budget and skills, we got on Facebook market place and gathered all the free furniture that we could find and reassembled the Null hotel as best as possible. However, to our surprise what we thought could be the best Airbnb quickly took a turn for the worst and has now become what easily is one of the WORST Airbnb's we have ever come across in the UK.

The three YouTubers did not expect their listing to gain so much interest on Airbnb and reckon they could have made a decent profit if they actually allowed people to book the property.

To create the worst Airbnb in the world and then get a crazy amount of requests to stay is something that we will never forget.