Australian Police are looking for wanted woman called "Khe Sanh Cox" and the FB comments are gold

funny shit 26/01/2021


South Australia Police seeked the public's help to help them find wanted woman "Khe Sanh Cox" by posting her photo to Facebook - and have been flooded with thousands of comments referencing Cold Chisel lyrics.

It's fucking outrageous.

The 28-year-old woman, who shares her name with the popular Cold Chisel song (durrr), is wanted in connection with a number of serious offences, including break-ins and car thefts.

The post has been shared more than 4000 times and has over 5000 reactions, and attracted a whopping 22,000 comments - many of which reference the song's lyrics about "the last plane out of Sydney".

Some of the good ones include:

Honestly, there are so many comments to go through its easier (and funnier) just going into the post and sorting the comments by "Most Relevant" - but here's a few more we spottted.

I can't really see her ever holding a a job on an oil rig...

Maybe she's down at Bow River? I'm sure if she's lost she will light some Flame Trees to set out a signal? Maybe she just went on a big bender on some cheap wine? Have the checked the churches maybe she has become a Choir Girl?

She must have used a cold chisel to get that ankle bracelet off

And one comment that received almost the most likes...

Should arrest her parents for naming her after a Cold Chisel song.

As for the police - they're getting in on the banter too.

"We've already searched Bow River and the Star Hotel," police said.