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"Was Donald Trump wearing his pants backwards?" was a legitimate trending topic

Vids 08/06/2021

Just when you think the man couldn't star in any crazier headlines....

Donald Trump has divided the internet again, but not for something he's said, but because of his pants.

Trump appeared at a Republican Party rally in North Carolina over the weekend, and his oddly-wrinkled pants with no apparent fly or zipper led people to ask the question....."was he wearing his pants backwards?"

A few years ago, if you heard that question being asked - especially about a former president - you would immediately shut it down and tell them they're dreaming. Of course not, what a load of clickbait rubbish.

The fact we've lived through some of the most bizzare years in recent history with Trump at the wheel, nowadays seeing a headline like this doesn't even shock or surprise anymore - worst, you legitimately believe it could happen.

As it is 2021, of course this event was over-analysed and discussed. Snopes, a fact checking website, reviewed 90 minutes of footage from the event to come to the conclusion that Trump was infact NOT wearing his pants backwards.

Snopes determined from reviewing photos from the event, that "clearly show the former president on stage wearing pants with a zipper in the front."

So, there you have it. A former president wore his pants the right way around, and we just spent a good chunk of our morning reading about it.

As you were.