Guns N' Roses now sell an 'Appetite for Destruction' bong

Our News 21/07/2021

This is dope. 

Guns N' Roses have teamed up with Smoke Cartel to release an official Guns N' Roses bong, inspired by their iconic debut album Appetite for Destruction.

The 12-inch bong has the the band's logo on it, as well as the five original members' Appetite For Destruction cartoon skulls.

Plus, it comes with a matching herb bowl that has a "handle that doubles as a roll stopper to keep it safe from drops."

The official description says, 

"Finally, Guns N' Roses released their official water pipe that every fan should add to their arsenal...

"The hexagonal shape of the base offers a modern twist on the traditional beaker style and provides even more stability and water capacity. 

"This gorgeous bong features a diffused downstem and bullet hole ice pinch, which allow for impressive filtration and smooth hits."

The bong will set you back $75 USD and is clearly already popular as it's currently sold out. Luckily though, you can ask to be notified when it's back in stock if you wanna get your mits on one.

Check it out here