Man gets six kidney beans stuck down his D after shoving them into his urethra

funny shit 20/08/2021

Get a load of this....

A 30-year-old Michigan man needed urgent hospital care after shoving six kidney beans down his penis for sexual pleasure.

The man apparently wanted to “express the beans during ejaculation,” according to the Urology Case Reports.

But wait for it... it wasn't even his first time doing it either. The man admits that this particular time, he upped the amount of kidney beans, which caused a blockage in his urethra.

He tried to take matters into his own hands by attempting to pull them out with tweezers, but when he was having touble peeing, he decided it was probably best to get some medical help.

The man underwent surgery and the beans came out successfully...just not the way he originally hoped they'd come out.

Image: Chris Murphy