Group of lads hold funeral for their mate who recently got a girlfriend

funny shit 30/09/2021

A group of blokes have farewelled their mate in a beautiful, original and speical way... except their mate is still very much alive.

Like most young lads, there comes a time in life when you meet a special someone, and hanging with the boys becomes a little less of a priority.

That happened to Eli Russell, who recently found a lady friend and is taking time to get to know her more. But his pals aren't too happy about it.

To highlight this sad time in the friends lives, the fellas put on their best attire and organised a backyard funeral for Eli. 

One of the mates, Aled Jenkins, said:

"We previously had a good mate named Ellis Russell who we would see daily.

"Recently he has got in to a relationship...and decided to only stay in touch via WhatsApp so he can spend more time with her and the cat, this is simply unacceptable amongst lads.

"So we have decided to hold a funeral not for his literal death but for his death as a fellow lad. We hope to raise him eventually but for now we rest him in peace," LadBible reports.

Complete with a casket with "1994 - 2021" written on it, and a cardboard cut-out of Eli inside, it looked like a truly special tribute. 

If you wanna see the photos of how the funeral looked, click here, cause we don't wanna get pinged for copyright.

We're thinking of these boys through their tough time. 😂