Bloke goes viral for carrying 48 beers at once during Football match

funny shit 19/10/2021

This is a bloke you'd wanna be friends with. 

A 23 year old Football fan from the Netherlands has gone viral after he was spotted carrying a casual 48 beers during a football match.

Christiaan Roetgering, the man behind the beers, told The Sun

"I always go to the game with a group of friends, and each time one of us has the job of getting the beers in.

"This time it was my turn, and I didn't fancy having to keep going back and forth to the bar. So I decided to get everything in one visit.

"I had to carry the trays through a passageway and up some stairs, but it all went fine. But it's not a record - my friend Jochen has managed in the past to carry 50 beers in one go."

Not only did he catch the eye of spectators, but also the cameras. 

He continued, "I must have had 300 friend requests on Instagram. I was watching the highlights on TV on Sunday, and my phone just exploded."

We all need a mate like Christiaan. 🍻

Check out a video of the viral-beer-hero below.