Ways Aucklanders f**cked themselves during lockdown, racking up 113,900 ACC claims

funny shit 19/01/2022

Think you got screwed over during lockdown? Simple jobs like painting, mowing your lawns and gardening took some to the emergency room.

As reported by NZ herald, Aucklanders racked up 113,900 ACC claims over 107 days of lockdown. Let's take a look at how the unlucky ones ran into trouble last year. 

1. At home 

If you think you’re safe from injury at home, it turns out you’re not. 

The highest category for injuries resulted from simply being in your own home with a total of 76,217 injuries from slips, trips, falls, burns, cuts and more being claimed over the 5 month period. 

Turns out that she’ll be the right attitude with the old rusty step ladder that didn't go so well for some...

2. Exercise 

Didn’t exercise enough during lockdown? The 2558 injuries prove it wasn’t always the best idea…

That’s right, the second most dangerous activity Aucklanders experienced in lockdown was exercising. So if you were neglecting some well needed exercise, don’t be too harsh on yourself for not getting out and about enough. 

James Whitaker, ACC Injury prevention programme leader, spoke to NZ Herald regarding the lockdown injuries. "A lot of people injure themselves by not doing things in the safest way. They might be over-excited and rush into it” Whitaker said. 

We don’t know many people who were over-excited to rush into any exercise but good on you if you were…

3. Gardening

Unfortunately it didn’t turn out well for those who discovered their green thumb over lockdown…

The third most dangerous activity for kiwis in lockdown was gardening which saw 1691 kiwis claim ACC injuries.

Whitaker said "Typically these would relate to lifting and moving things and also not using the right approach when you're bending, digging or squatting so they're lower back injuries often."

4. Running

If you didn’t run as much as you told yourself in lockdown you might have been doing yourself a favour.

1166 Aucklanders hurt themselves while heading out to the sports field, parks and pavements. According to Whitaker "A lot of these sorts of injuries tend to be ankle rolls and sprains as well as damaged knees."

5. Lawn mowing

I think we can all admit, lawn mowing had to be one of the most exciting activities over lockdown. Though, for 554 people, it didn’t turn out so well. 

"I'm aware of people cutting their toes off," Whitaker said.

While we lost our minds, some lost their toes.

Don’t do a Rog and almost lose two of your fingers while on lawn mowing duties. Not the way to go.

6. Digging

Did boredom lead you to dig your way to China or build a trench in your backyard? 

Digging is number 6 on the list with 505 injuries being claimed.

7. Painting

Finally got around to painting the house during lockdown? 214 people injured themselves from painting which Whitaker puts down to incorrect use of ladders. 

"A lot of New Zealanders need to remind themselves about correct ladder use because falls are one of the main injury types at home” Whitaker states.

8. E-scooters

Fancy an E-scooter ride during lockdown? Some did. 

117 people were injured from riding E-scooters in lockdown which have proved to be more dangerous than e-bikes. 

9. E-bikes

Many Aucklanders purchased e-bikes over lockdown which lead to 62 ACC injury claims. 

Whitaker advises "It pays to use them in a safe, quiet space for the first time. Then, go into a busier environment once you feel comfortable. They can go about 30km/h without you even pedalling."

10. DIY

Those who got stuck into a bit of overdue DIY in lockdown got the unfortunate end of it with 38 claims being caused by DIY. 

Whitaker said "Often, it's an inappropriate use of equipment including tools and ladders."

11. Repairs

And lastly, there were four claims made due to ‘repairs’ in which Whitaker could make no further comment on. 

We’ll leave these ones up to your imagination to figure out. 

Let’s just say we may not have had the worst lockdown after reading through these injuries..