Pensioners sentenced after police find cocaine stash worth $50k

funny shit 21/01/2022

Oh Helen...

Two women have been sentenced in Scotland for storing more than £24,000 worth of cocaine and £51,000 of cash. 

Grandmother Helen Wright, 67, recruited her friend Moira Robertson, 65, to carry out the crime to pay off her son’s drug debt.

Moira Robertson (Left) and Helen Wright. Source: Spindrift

They stored the drugs at Robertson’s home until the property was raided in June 2019 by police, where they found 553 grams of cocaine which has a street value of NZD $43,783.

To seal the deal, Wright arrived at the property during the raid with 15 additional bags of cocaine with a street value of NZD $5,628. That's gotta be rough.

The pair were arrested and Wright and Robertson pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to a single charge of holding a supply of cocaine. 

The pair were sentenced on the 18th January 2022, with Wright receiving 20 months of jail time and Robertson receiving 18 months.