Bloke shoves 80cm-long-earphone wire into his D, rushed to emergency department

funny shit 21/04/2022

Another day, another crook health story.

A 34-year-old bloke from Indonesia got carried away having some 'alone time' recently, and shoved an 80cm-long-earphone wire down his urethra.

The wire got lodged in the man's bladder and he began experiencing agonosing pain while peeing, The Sun reports.

The bloke took himself to the emergency department where doctors were shocked to find out that he did this three to five times a week for “sexual pleasure and gratification”.

The doctors quickly found and removed the wire, which thankfully hadn't attatched to the bladder wall. 

He was discharged the next day. 

Did you know there's actually a word to describe the act of inserting foreign objects into ones body? It's called polyembolokoilamania and although you'd think it isn't that common, it definitely happens.

Like that time a man nearly died after shoving an eel up his arse to fix his constipation, or when a young fella stuck 31 magnetic balls up his knob, or most recently, when doctors had to remove a 2kg dumbbell from a bloke's rectum.

Alright, that's enough internet for today.