WATCH: Construction worker drops bag of poo from crane, gets fired

funny shit 04/04/2022

A silly Irish man has gotten himself sacked after filming himself drop a bag of his poo off a crane while at work.

According to techsmart, the bloke was working on a construction site through a subcontractor in Dublin. 

In the video, the worker holds up a plastic bag with a decent sized poo inside, and chuckles,

The joys of being a crane driver.. A ring of puddin there, boys.

And drops the bag of sh*t over the edge. Crook. 

The worker zooms into the roof below, which the bag hit and exploded onto, scarily close to a window.

The bloke was caught brown handed after the video went viral online. He was subsequently sacked. 

A company spokesperson said,

 “As soon as we became aware of this incident they were removed from the site and will not work on any other of our sites in the future. We also carried out a safety check and remedial hygiene works to the adjacent building.”

That's one way to get yourself sacked. Check out the crook video below.