Chilean Bloke is accidentally overpaid 286 times his salary, does a runner

Our News 04/07/2022

A bloke in Chile was accidentally overpaid 286 times his salary, and instead of returning the money, he got the f**k outta there.

The unnamed man, an employee of Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos, was accidentally paid 165,398,851 Chilean pesos (roughly $284,934 NZD) instead of 500,000 pesos (roughly $861), according to News18.

The bloke initially let his work's HR department know about the muck up, and he was obviously asked to pay the money back, which he promised he would.

The company tried calling the bloke after they realised he still hadn't returned the money, to which he didn't pick up. Later, he did call back, saying he overslept and would go to the bank to return the money that day.

But he must've had a change of heart and did what most would be tempted to do.

He abruptly handed in his resignation and did a runner. Where's he now? Nobody knows.

The company haven't been able to contact the bloke since, and now they're taking legal steps to get the money back.

Ballsy move!