Punishers discover Rage Against The Machine sing about politics & they're not happy

funny shit 12/07/2022

Absolute punishers.

We all know that Rage Against The Machine have a long public history of sharing their liberal political views, but there's still plenty of clueless people out there who are only just figuring this out... and they're not happy about it. 

Rage made their epic return to touring after 11 years on Saturday night, and in true RATM form, slammed the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade on stage. 

Although they didn't outrightly talk about it over the mic, the onstage screen had captions flashing on it such as, "ABORT THE SUPREME COURT" and "“Forced birth in a country... without any guaranteed paid parental leave"

People, some who even identify as Rage 'fans', are shocked and upset about the band sharing their political views. Where have they been for the last 30 years? We don't know. 

The below tweet perfectly sums up our views. 

These responses are nothing new for Rage Against The Machine. In 2020, pretty much the exact same thing happened

We'll end this article from a twitter quote from 2020:

"What... machine did you think you were raging against? The busted up toaster? A faulty dryer? Did the printer run outta toner?"

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