Week 5: Alex from Skinny Hobos - The Merchant of Tirau

Remember to record your attempts and upload them to Facebook & Instagram with the hashtag #RockRiffChallenge. You could score yourself $500!

Week 4 - Neill from Villainy - Raised in the Dark

Week 3 - Sven from Racing - Run Wild

Week 2 - Nail from Devilskin - Corrode

Week 1 - Marcus from Blindspott - Nil By Mouth

Learn to play Skinny Hobo's 'The Merchant of Tirau' in the #RockRiffChallenge

There are a few lockdown challenges out there, but none like this welcome to the Rock Riff challenge!

Each Friday we will post a tutorial video from some of NZ finest guitarists, on both our Instagram & Facebook pages.

So get ya 6 string ready, learn the riff, then chuck it up on your social portals using the #rockriffchallenge. And the cherry on top for doing it, you could score yourself $500,

Line up includes Marcus from Blindspott, Nail from Devilskin, Sven from Racing, the lads from Skinny Hobos & more.