Foo Fighters reveal new songs at secret gig in the UK

Foo Fighters 27/02/2017

It was their first gig in exactly 1 year, 3 months and ten days, so it was about damn time the Foos debuted some new stuff.

At the England Cheese and Grain in Frome (UK) on Feb 24, the band performed a secret set featuring a collection of old classics, including the first ever live performance of "Sean" (of the "St Cecilia" EP)... and then some new material.

The newly debuted songs don't have official names yet, but fans are referring to them as "Keep Your Pretty Promise To Yourself" and "Run With Me" due to their lyrics. The songs were incorporated into "The Pretender" and "This Is A Call".

Have a listen above, and check out the note below where the Foos promise some new "surprises" in this coming yeah. F**k yeah!