Green Day invite disabled fan onstage to play guitar

Vids 10/02/2017

One of the most iconic moments of any Green Day show is the bit where Billie Joe Armstrong invites a fan onstage to perform with the band.

The usually results in some really funny banter, some mindblowing performances, or some really awkward moments... but recently while playing at London's O2 Arena, the fan performance segment got a wee bit heartwarming.

Billie Joe spotted a disabled woman named Rachel in the crowd volunteering to hop onstage and play guitar.

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Being the GC he is, Billie Joe pulled her onstage with her caregiver and sat with her on the stairs to perform for a while - and she bloody nailed it. So much so, that Billie Joe even let Rachel keep his guitar.

Feeling a bit jealous? We don't blame ya. Luckily Green Day are hitting our shores soon, so you've got every opportunity to get yourself on that stage, too.