How to get your arse from the Nines to GNR by foot

Guns n Roses 03/02/2017

It's shaping up to be one helluva good time for Aucklanders this long Waitangi Weekend.

Not only are the Downer NRL Auckland Nines happening on Saturday and Sunday, there's only this small time band - you might know them - Guns N Roses? - playing on the Saturday night at Western Springs wedged right in the middle of it.

And just like any functioning red-blooded male (and female) should, we will be trying to tick off both.


We noticed our responsible older brothers at Newshub wrote this helpful article, and decided to steal it and give it to you (cheers guys!)

Below is a map that outlines how you can get your slightly boozed (and more than likely sunburnt) arse from Eden Park (where the Nines are held) to Western Springs Stadium, where Guns N Roses will be playing #fuckyeah.

And it'll only take you 25 mins to walk there. Well, maybe a little longer depending on how many beers you've knocked back.

So you want to walk from Eden Park, over the Bond St bridge, through Arch Hill Scenic Reserve and through to Western Springs Stadium, Auckland Transport says.

Duco general manager Trina Tamati says they've changed the draw times of the rugby league tournament to allow plenty of time for fans to get to Guns N' Roses. GCs.

Heads up - a liquor ban will be in place on the walking route.

For Guns N' Roses fans from further afar, there's free travel with your concert ticket on trains and event buses.

Enjoy the weekend, don't blow out early!