Incubus lyrics leaked from their album listening party

Incubus 08/02/2017

Recently Incubus held a listening party for their upcoming album and lyrics from the LP's first single 'Nimble Bastard' have leaked online.

'Nimble Bastard' is set for premiere on the 16th of February, but you can get a sneak peek at the lyrics now thanks to whoever managed to steal this bit of paper.

If you can't read the words, here's what we could make out.

Has it come to this?
We’re stuck in the —
I get it, I’m not perfect, I was never —
But I’m not long for this earth
If we really only ever get one chance
To burn!!
I — before I can see the finish
— would I learn?
I wanna know! — is if you do it?

When you land on your feet, you’re —
And you don’t skip a beat!
Such a nimble bastard!
Salt of the earth
Yeah, can’t you show, — how do you
See all the stars from that far down?

I sung and I miss
And then came the creeps
— makes me want to faint!
I wanna know, how — you do it?
How do you — the paint
And then fit it into a —