Black Sabbath officially announce they're done

Rock News 08/03/2017

Recently Black Sabbath played their last gig ever in their hometown of Birmingham, calling it quits after 49 years.

The boys pulled the curtain down on their epic career on Twitter, posting an image of their logo with "1968 - 2017" written below it.

Tony Iommi did point out that the end only refers to large-scale touring, telling Planet Rock: "No, I don't think we've ruled anything out apart from me not wanting to tour any more on that scale, but who knows, we may do something. We haven't spoken about it. That's another thing - we haven't talked about anything, really, that's to do with what's going to happen afterwards. But I'm sure something can happen somewhere."

So we don't know what to think now. No more tours but if we still get the chance to hear something new or watch them live before an award show, that'll do us.