Maccas themed Black Sabbath cover band now recording music

Music 13/03/2017

The fast-food Black Sabbath cover band dressed as McDonald's characters known as Mac Sabbath have announced the release of a colouring book.

This isn't just any colouring book. Inside of the book fans are expected to find a recorded version of their viral song 'Pair-a-Buns,' which is the first time the band have released a recorded song.

The song has only ever been performed live but it will now be issued on a Flexi Disc that is only available in the colouring activity book.

The popular cover band recently kicked off the ‘Mockstrosity’ tour, where they will turn heads alongside a host of other crazy acts.

Joined by Metalachi, the world’s only heavy metal Mariachi band as well as Okilly Dokilly, the “Nedal” outfit based off The Simpsons character Ned Flanders.