Queens of the Stone Age tease new album (we think)

Music 07/04/2017

Just before announcing their NZ tour, Queens of the Stone Age took to social media to tease what we can only assume is their seventh studio album. 

Imagery featuring the words 'COMING TWENTYFIVE' has been plastered all over the internet, which seems like a pretty good hint that their new album will be called 'Twentyfive' (or at least be released on the 25th of a month).

10 months ago, Josh Homme announced that the band were working on a new album, now word is the album is finished, with no confirmation on a release just yet.

During a chat on Dean Delray's podcast, Let There Be Talk, Dean asked former Queens member Mark Lanegan if he sang on the album, or heard any of the new stuff.

"Did you sing on the new Queens at all or no?"

Mark said "I did not," before Dean asked: "Have you heard it? I know they just finished, I'm dying to hear it."

You might be thinking, "Why should I believe this joker?" Well, this is the same joker who had Josh Homme on his podcast when he announced the band were back in the studio.

Delray is a friend of the band so this seems legit.

No dates have been confirmed for the album's release just yet, but just knowing it's finished and ready to go has us all on the edge of our seats.