Josh Homme reveals details on the new QOTSA album

Music 11/04/2017

Every day, we get just a little bit closer to the release of a new Queens Of The Stone Age album - which is about damn time, since they haven't released anything since '...Like Clockwork' back in 2013.

The band recently teased something on social media, featuring their iconic 'Q' logo and the words 'TWENTYFIVE'. We're not sure if that's a release date, a title - or both - but it sounds like frontman Josh Homme is dropping a few interesting hints about the record.

While chatting to about QOTSA's upcoming tour of Australia for Splendour In The Grass, Homme revealed some facts which have us scratching our heads a bit over how the album will sound (but we're sure it'll be bloody good anyway):

Homme didn’t want to give away release details but did confirm there would be a new single before the tour.

Well that's great - a new single pretty soon, then. 

The interesting thing Homme revealed, though, is the fact that there'll be no guests on the new album. No Dave Grohl? No Alex Turner? No Iggy Pop? No Jesse Hughes?
Weird, but we'll trust 'em on that one. 

Josh has also promised they'll "cut loose" in Australia, which has us fizzing over what sort of performance they'll bring across the ditch when they play in Auckland.