10 times Dave Grohl proved he was a goddamn living legend

Music 07/06/2017

When it comes to rock, there's plenty of artists we could name who bloody kill it - but with the recent release of the new Foo Fighters track, 'Run', we thought it'd be cool to look back at some reasons why Dave Grohl fucking rules. 

1). That time he broke his leg onstage, continued playing, then built a mean guitar throne so he could finish the tour.

Here's footage of him breaking his leg after a failed stage dive, getting carted off, then returning with a cast to finish the gig without any complaints. 

To finish the their 2015 tour, Grohl designed a thone while he was 'high as a fucking kite' in hospital:

2). The time he stopped halfway through a song to tell off some fans for fighting in the mosh pit:

"You don't fucking fight at my show, asshole." 

3). His performances in some pretty unexpected/badass places:

Like a full Foos set in some fans' garages... 

And his duet with Will Ferrell... 

Or the time Westboro Baptist Church called for a protest against a Foos show, so the band dressed up as hillbillies and joined the outside protest to troll 'em all...

4). Speaking of the Westboro Baptist Church... Dave and company also Rickrolled the crowd at the same protest: 

5). The time he wrote a heartfelt letter to honour both their fans and the city of Paris following terrorist attacks:

The band were forced to cancel a show in Paris in light of the recent terrorist attacks, so Grohl penned this amazing letter to be released alongside their free EP, 'St Cecilia'. 

6). The time he addressed his (serious) coffee addiction with this crack up video:

7). That time he didn't give a damn about illegal music sharing:

In a 2011 interview with Slate, he mentioned he doesn't mind if you illegally download his music (but that doesn't mean you should, fyi):

To me, the most important thing is that people come and sing along when we pull into town to tour. Sharing music is not a crime. It shouldn’t be. There should be a deeper meaning to making music than just selling downloads.

8). The times he made some pretty sweet cameo appearances:

Like in 'The Muppets' movie, where played 'Animool', and had a jam with the real Animal...

And his unforgettable appearance in Tenacious D's 'Tribute' video as the shiny demon...

9). The times he invited fans onstage to jam:

Like this guy on his 50th birthday (who Dave chugged a beer with)... 

... this 8 year old kid...

... and these fence jumpers...

10.) And finally, this really weird eye contact thing he did when Nirvana appeared on SNL:

Keep on killin' it, Dave - you bloody legend.