All-round GC Corey Taylor visits paralysed Slipknot fan in hospital

Music 23/06/2017

Aaron Foley, had a pretty horrific time when he was hit by an oncoming truck while trying to help his made who'd fallen off his motorcycle.

He ended up with a burst lung, a lacerated liver, all his ribs broken on the left side (and three on the right), and got paralysed from the waist down. Pretty shit turnout for a bloke who was just trying to help a mate.

Aaron's family reached out to a San Diego radio station (105.3) explaining how he was a massive fan of Corey Taylor's work, and asked if he would visit the injured Aaron in hospital. To put it in perspective, Aaron's met Corey three times, and appeared as an extra in Stone Sour's 'Fabuless' music vid.

Since Corey Taylor is a pretty decent dude, he surprised Aaron by showing up to have a bit of a chat in the hospital (which you can see in the above video). 

Corey answers a bunch of Aaron's questions, like how he wrong songs and the feelings behind them.

Considering how he sunk his teeth into Nickelback's Chad Kroeger for mocking Stone Sour and Slipknot earlier this week, this is a decent change of attitude for the frontman.

Bloody GC if you ask us.