Corey Taylor screws the pooch, completely forgets which state he's playing in

Music 05/07/2017

Well, this is awkward.

At a recent Stone Stour gig, frontman Corey Taylor burst out onstage to rev up the crowd, but hit a bit of a snag after thinking he was in Oregon... he was in Idaho.

So let me ask you one more fucking time — Oregon, is that you?! It’s very fucking good to be here for the first time with Stone Sour. Did you miss Stone Sour in Oregon?

This is not only uncomfortable because the band were clearly NOT in Oregon (Oregeon isn't even on their tour list...), but this was the second night Stone Sour had played in Idaho, so there was really no excuse to cock that one up, mate. 

After their first song, Corey apologised pretty sincerely to the crowd:

You know what’s funny? I’ve been doing this a long fucking time. This is the second time I’ve done this... Idaho, is that you?! I am so fucking sorry, my friends. Jesus Christ. Come on, make some noise, get it out of your fucking system.

He went on to joke about how he made opening acts Islander and Korn look good. Have a watch of his apology below.