Dave Grohl breaks record for most f-bombs during a Glastonbury set with "f*ck chant"

music 26/06/2017

When Dave Grohl does something, it's never half-arsed, so when he heard pop singer Adele currently holds the record for the most f-bombs at Glastonbury Festival. 

The Foo Fighters frontman, never one to shy down from a challenge, came in hot during their Glasto set by telling the crowd:

"We were doing an interview and someone said: You know you’re not supposed to swear? There’s no swearing at Glastonbury...""

And I said, "What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" And then I guess Adele holds the record for saying the most fucks at a Glastonbury gig. Now I love, Adele but guess what...

Dave then went on to chant, well, a fuckload of "fucks", with the crowd joining in, before stopping triumphantly: "OK, I think we broke her record. I heard it was 33."

'OK, I think we broke her record. I heard it was 33.'

The crowd then chanted '10 more fucks' to the Foos, with Dave finishing up by saying
"Dude, shut the fuck up! That’s 34.'

Speaking of the swearing ban at Glastonbury, Dave had this very appropriate statement: 'You aren’t allowed to fucking swear at the show? Good luck. Oh god, they are in for a big surprise with that one. Shit, I didn’t realise that."