GC Dave Grohl sends message to fan who lost his wife to cancer

Music 17/06/2017

It's no secret that Dave Grohl is one of the nicest guys in rock, so it's not a surprise to hear he recently wrote a heartfelt message to a Foo Fighters fan who recently lost their wife to cancer. 

English woman (who was also a kickarse campaigner/fundraiser) Laura Plane lost her battle to breast cancer earlier this year, so her husband Jon reached out to the Foos on Instagram asking them to play 'Everlong' in her honour at Glastonbury next week:

“Hey @foofighters, please can you dedicate #everlong to the awesome @lwp888 at @glastofest 2017?” he wrote. “We were due to watch you for our 10th wedding anniversary this year, but we couldn’t get tickets as she felt too ill to be able to. If you could please do me this one favour it would mean the world to me. She really was the best, the best, the best of me.”

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In typical Grohl-style, Dave replied to Jon by sharing a personal note dedicated to his late wife:

Jon – Dave here. Heard about Laura. Sending you much love and hope and light. Will be thinking of yous at Glasto. Take care mate.

In response, Jon told Plymouth Herald:

“I can picture Laura’s little face smiling about it. It is incredible. I am over the moon. Even if Foo Fighters don’t dedicate the song to Laura, she would have loved [the note] anyway. But what I got from [the note] is that it is going to happen. It is incredible. Laura must have engineered this somehow as I was having a really bad week after her funeral, when it hit me like a wave. I was a mess all of Sunday and Monday, and then I saw [Grohl’s] message on Tuesday. I was blown away. The power of social media is crazy, but incredible.”

Good on you, Dave Grohl - you fucking legend.