Here's some throwback performances of Red Hot Chili Peppers for the 18th anniversary of 'Californication'

Music 08/06/2017

18 years ago today, RHCP dropped their iconic album, 'Californication', which went on to become one of the band's most successful releases. 

Since we're all for a good throwback, have a look at these performances of the band one month after the album's release.

These vids take us back to Woodstock '99 - which is often called 'the day music died' due to a shitload of bad stuff happening at the event (including charging $12US for a slice of pizza, 1,200 people getting injured, and a bonfire that set an audio tower on fire during the Chili's set). 

Regardless of the shit festival execution, the band's set, including songs from their new album 'Californication' was epic enough to be released as a CD. 

... and yes, this is the uncensored version of Flea.