Liam Gallagher brands brother Noel a 'sad f**k' over Manchester charity gig no-show

Rock News 06/06/2017

Suppose that puts an end to any Oasis reunion chat, then.

Liam Gallagher, performing at the One Love Manchester charity concert over the weekend, took to Twitter following the show to fire a few shots at his older sibling.

 It didn't stop there. Nine minutes later, apparently replying to fans pointing out that Noel had said days earlier he'd be out of the country, Liam tweeted again:

Twenty-plus years after they soared to superstardom, Manchester is still the brothers' town, and their influence casts a huge shadow over the city's musical history. And while the group was heavily represented at the concert - their hit 'Don't Look Back in Anger' was performed by Coldplay's Chris Martin and 'Live Forever' was part of a three-song set from Liam Gallagher's solo band - the famously fractious brothers did not reunite onstage for this historic concert.

Liam's three-song set with his solo band - which features a guitarist who does faintly resemble Noel, causing confusion among many viewers - also included Oasis' 'Rock and Roll Star', the first track from their 1994 debut album, as well as a lukewarm reading of his new single 'Wall of Glass'.

His Twitter stream Sunday night started off positively. "What an amazing night last night. Pure love vibrations. Nobody comes close to Manchester."

He donated the proceeds from a solo concert last week to the fund benefiting victims' families.