Looks like Queens Of The Stone Age are about to drop some new tunes

Music 13/06/2017

To say we're pitching a denim tent in our pants would be no exaggeration right now...

A few hours ago, the Queens Of The Stone Age Facebook page posted nothing but a link to their website, with no explanation.

If you click on the site, it's been updated with an interactive pic of a TV screen, and if you turn the dial, you get some pretty interesting results.

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Channel 5 has an image of a guitar with lyrics from 'Highway One' by Them Crooked Vultures on it - and on the top of the TV, there's what we can only assume are new lyrics: it's a "beautiful" day in the USA. 

In addition to this drop, you can read everything else we know so far about the new album here. 

Seems like these channels could reveal something over time - but we won't know 'til it happens. If you could stop blue-balling us, Homme, that'd be great.