Dave Grohl and Josh Homme are planning to "take over the world together"

Music 20/07/2017

It's shaping up to be one hell of a year for rock.

Foo Fighters are releasing their new album 'Concrete and Gold' in September, and Oueens Of The Stone Age are dropping 'Villains' in August - both of which have us frothing from some strange places. 

In the lead-up to both album drops, Foos have spoken out about how they and QOTSA have played a key part in inspiring each other's albums.

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The bands recorded their albums around the corner from each other, according to Foos drummer Taylor Hawkins, who reckons the albums are complete "opposites".

Dave Grohl recently spoke to Music Week about the two albums:

“One of the things that was exciting as we were across the parking lot from Queens, making these records, is that it was clear that there are still rock n’ roll albums to be made.

I’d listen to what Queens were doing and it would be quintessential Queens. It sounds great. And Josh would come over and listen to our stuff. I remember we were playing him ‘Arrows’, and he’s like ‘God, I’m so glad you’re finally making a dark record. I think we inspired each other.

Taylor also added: “A good competitive spirit. It’s like we want to make a better record than them, and they want to make a better record than us.”

Dave also added what we could call one of the quotes of the year in regards to a QOTSA/Foos double header:

Josh and I were texting the other day, and we just thought ‘well, let’s just go and take over the fucking world together’. Let’s do it, why not?

Sounds like one hell of a plan, guys. 

Source: NME