James Hetfield slams the Kardashians for slapping their faces on Metallica tees without permission

Music 27/07/2017

For a bloke who's known for always saying "yeaaaaah", James Hetfield is finally coming out with a big fat "no."

Kendall and Kylie Kardashian/Jenner/whatever-who-cares have been selling unauthorised 'vintage' tees featuring band artwork with their own personal Instagram screenshots superimposed over the top (yes, really). 

We're sure we don't need to tell you this is actual bullshit, but James Hetfield has just spoken out in an interview with ET Hetfield (or according to the video title 'Jame Hetfield'):

I guess what they were thinking is, ‘We can do whatever we want.’ To me, it’s disrespectful. We’ve spent 36 years working hard, doing our best to keep a really close connection with people, make every note count, and someone just throws something up over something … not that it’s sacred or anything, but show some respect.

Have a look at some of their ridiculous shirts below: