It's been 26 years since Nirvana, RHCP and Megadeth released their groundbreaking albums

music news 25/09/2017

What a day to be alive guys. 

Today marks the anniversary of three separate band's groundbreaking albums. 

The first on the list is Nirvana's 'Nevermind' album was released on this day 26 years ago which really put themselves on the music map and changed the landscape of music for a lot of listeners. 

Red Hot Chilli Peppers breakout album called 'Sugar Sex Magik' was also released on the same day as Nirvana's cracking album 'Nevermind' 

Megadeth released one their greatest creative achievement and one that inspired scores of budding tech metal bands which is 'Rust in Peace'. This album came out in 1990 one year before the other two albums were released.

Three wicked albums that will never die.