Machine Head to release new album "Catharsis" in January

new album 20/09/2017

For all those Machine Head fans out there, this will brighten your day just a little! 

They have announced that they will be releasing their ninth studio in January 2018 under the name of "Catharsis" 

Frontman Robb Flynn talked about the new album build up:

"It's been far too long since we've demolished venues in America.

"We have had an awesome and productive break writing our new album, 'Catharsis,' but now it's time for Machine Head to go melt some faces!

"The reaction to our last 'Evening With' tours in America were nothing short of incredible, so once again these dates will be 'Evening With' and will see us performing two and a half to three hours every night with no opening bands.

"We loved performing as an 'Evening With' for you Head Cases, and you guys loved it as well, the freedom to do whatever the fuck we wanted for as long as we wanted every night was liberating.

"It's not what everyone else is doing, and frankly, there are not a lot of bands who could even pull it off, but Machine Head can pull it off, and we are excited as fuck to do it again. We are carving our own path here, playing by our own rules, and as an artist, it's the best feeling in the world!

"No festivals, period, no 45-minute slots, no supporting some stupid DJ, no parking lots in a rainstorm, The Head will only be 'headlining,' so come on down and rage!"