Liam Gallagher explains why he forgot the lyrics to 'Come Together' at Cal Jam

Vids 19/10/2017

During Foo Fighters performance at Cal Jam this year Liam Gallagher decided to join them onstage and sing The Beatles 'Come Together.' 

The performance wasn't the greatest anyway, but Gallagher seemed to forget the lyrics to the song, and he has explained why:

"I thought we were doing [Beatles song] ‘I Am the Walrus’, but I got there and it was ‘Come Together’, so I was going, ‘Who? What? Why?’.”

He then went on to say 

“And then, yeah, I’d had a lot to drink as well,” he added. “I’m not one for getting up onstage and doing songs unless I’ve had a real rehearsal. Especially now with social media, since these things hang around for a bit.”

“So I thought, ‘You know what? Fuck this’. And I jumped in the crowd. So yeah, I forgot the words. But I can barely fucking remember my words let alone fucking ‘I Am the Walrus’ mashed with ‘Come Together’.”

They didn't really come together for this song. 

Credit to NME.