Watch Johnny Depp join Marilyn Manson in weird new "Say 10" video

music video 11/10/2017

Marilyn Manson releases his newest and most surprising music video for his single "Say 10". The reason it was so surprising was that Manson is joined by US actor Johnny Depp. 

The two are apparently great mates. 

The new single is his latest from his acclaimed album Heaven Upside Down.

The clip, which can be seen above, has got all the hallmarks of what made the singer so controversial in the first place; sex, nudity, violence, anti-Christian imagery, bondage gear, a snot-rocket and blood - fuckloads of blood.

Manson, who has popped back in a single-colored contact for the affair, enlists his buddy, actor and musician Depp, who appears as a foil or partner in crime for the proceedings, clad in a white suit and sporting a face smeared in white and black greasepaint.