Pearl Jam preview new track for the first time in four years

Pearl Jam 15/11/2017

We haven't heard anything new from Pearl Jam since 2013, UNTIL NOW.

"Obey The Law Of The Heart" is a track for the upcoming film Basmati Blues - A Swedish film about genetically modified rice. 

Yep. You read that right. Genetically modified rice. So, erm, let's get back to the Pearl Jam...

It was written by guitarist Stone Gossard and recorded by the band along with Indian musicians Priya Dashini and Sain Zahoor.

They've previewed the track online, but we're yet to hear anything about a commercial release.

No matter how hot Brie Larson is, not stoked about the shitty rom com trailer splicing itself into the music... just give us the song god damnit! 

But still... new Pearl Jam, here's hoping for more soon!